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There’s a reason that it’s two X. If you give it a though, you might figure out that the two X in “XX” stands for the female chromosomes. Not surprisingly, there are two females behind the concept, which means it’s another good reason to put two X in XX Freeriders.

Erika Lindblad and Caroline Ohlsson started XX Freereiders during 2013 with the objective to increase the interest for sledding among female riders.

Together with the professional backcountry freerider Stephanie Schwartz from Revelstoke, BC, Canada, the first XX Freeride event was held this season, XX Women’s International Freeride Camp. The Camp was a women’s snowmobile clinic with the aim to teach ladies to progress their skills at snowmobiling. But also, most importantly, encourage women within the world of sledding.

 XX Freeriders operate in all parts of Sweden but mainly rides in the area around Saxnäs and Hemavan.

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