XX Freeride Camp 2014

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The XX Freeride Camp is a women’s snowmobile clinic for all female riders out there. The aim was to teach women to progress their skills at snowmobiling in a fun and safe setting – but still take them out of their comfort zone in an easygoing way to encourage women within the world of sledding. For all participants it was a unique opportunity to develop their shredding skills and encourage each other to improve.

The clinic was held in Saxnäs located in South Lapland, Sweden. Ladies arrived from all parts of Sweden, Norway and even from Switzerland. Arrival evening started with goodie bag give away and a nice dinner together, followed by two full days out in the backcountry.

Camp 1 took place during Wednesday to Friday, Camp 2 during Friday to Sunday. It was a maximum of six riders in each group out riding, which gave everyone the possibility to having one on one time with Steph rather than staying as a whole. They really appreciated it when she came up to and told them what she noticed about their riding and gave advices. This means that the personal needs was center of attention.

Look at the pics from XX Freeride Camp 2014

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