XX Freeride Camp 2015

During the period February 10 to 15, the activity level was high at Saxnäsgården when XX Freeride Camp was arranged  for the second year in a row. A snowmobile event – for girls only. On site there were 60 participants and Stephanie Schwartz from Revelstoke, Canada made a comeback and as last year she spread inspiration and happiness around the girls.

Stephanie coacing girls in Camp 1 - Photo: Joakim Kostet

Stephanie coacing girls in Camp 1 – Photo: Joakim Kostet

The two X stands for the female chromosomes and is also our, Erika Lindblad and Caroline Ohlsson’s hallmark. The goal for the XX Freeride Camp was,and is, to increase interest in freeriding around women  and the goal is far above reached.  Stephanie agrees.

– I want to get these girls so excited about snowmobiling and progression in the sport. To see the excitement of the girls makes my heart happy. There is such a difference with the girls attending camp, they are so willing to learn and. XX Camp has blown my mind with the interest and excitement, says Stephanie Schwartz about the XX Freeride camp.

Last year’s XX Camp was a story of success, especially since Stephanie visited and was such a great coach. She basically showed the girls how to become a better freerider and impressed us all with her teaching skills. This year was no exception, rather the contrary, the interest in participating at the event increased markedly.  Last year XX Freeride Camp had forty participants and for this year it has grown even more to sixty girls.

XX Freeride Camp 2015 was fully booked within 4 minutes.

– We are overjoyed about the interest in XX Freeride Camp, but also generally in the industry, since we started XX Freeriders last year, several other girl camps has been organized showing that our vision to spread happiness and self-confidence among girls that have a passion for sledding has succeeded, says Caroline Ohlsson.

Like last year, there were two Camps from Tuesday to Sunday. This year’s news was that both occasions were divided into a beginner’s course and a more advanced. Between February 10 and 12 we held the beginner camp.  The camp was directed to the girls who wanted to try freeriding for the first time. At Camp 2, February 12 to 15 it was more focus on technical riding for girls with a bit more experience.

The camp attracted participants from Kiruna in the north to Stockholm in the south, as well as participants from near and far, including Svalbard in Norway and Rovaniemi in Finland. That the reputation of XX Freeride Camp spread throughout Scandinavia and even received great attention in the North America is amazing.

During the days the attendants were divided into small groups and Stephanie rotated between them to be able to coach girls based on their individual level. The girls did a great job since the soft powder was all gone. For example, one exercise in Camp 1 was to pow carve between sticks.  Most beginners are good at pow carving towards one direction, but is more difficult to control the opposite. The same goes for the girls in the advanced group, most of them can sidehill in one direction better than the another, therefore we practiced the “uncomfortable” way too, explains Stephanie.

We think it’s important to work on improvements but still have fun while out riding. Everyone was excited and helped each other – it was definitely teambuilding.


Teambuilding on high level! – Photo: Joakim kostet

One of the best part’s with the XX Camp is that it is so much more than just sledding – it engages people with the same interest, which later on becomes friends for life. Mingle, dinners, sledquiz, bath, sauna, goodie bags, pool parties and XX missions made the experience epic.

– Everyone was excited when they left. That makes us more than happy and gives a lot of energy to start plan for upcoming events. It is so impressive with all the colorful snowmobiles, matching outfits and the passion that exists for the sport. Girlpower is for sure a good word to describe XX Freeriders, says Erika Lindblad.

But still, besides all the fun things we put safety first. In the introduction to both Camps a brief safety session was held. We showed a movie about avalanche safety and Stephanie went through all the gear in a complete avalanche equipment.

BRP Sweden also offered the girls test drives of 2015’s models of Ski-Doo & Lynx on site.

– It’s always fun to test drive “for real” and during a whole day, otherwise it is difficult to know which machine that works best for you and your type of riding, says Åsa Eriksson, participants from Umeå that took the change to test drive a 2015

Ski-doo Summit 163″ T3″.

XX Freeride Camp is not totally free of Y-chromosomes. We have the best XX Crew of guys that help us make it possible. The  XX Crew consists of a film crew, a photographer and six guys who support and share their skills on the sleds. We totally agree upon the thought that the best training will always be when you are out driving together with people who inspires your and are able to teach, whether it’s a brother, boyfriend, friend, father or another female freerider.

XX Crew    -     Photo: Joakim Kostet

XX Crew – Photo: Joakim Kostet

– We are surprised about what a huge thing XX Freeriders become since last year. We are also so proud of the events that we organize since the feedback is overwhelmingly positive. When girls leaving with a smile and wishes to sign up for next year’s event already, then we know that we are making it right and that gives us the drive to be “back in business” season after season, says Erika and Caroline.


XX Freeride Camp 1 – Photo: Joakim Kostet

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//Caroline & Erika