Stephanie ready for Sweden


Third time in Sweden coaching for XX Freeride Camp, how does it feel?
I feel like I’m coming HOME ! I ️absolutely love my second family and all my friends over in SWEDEN. I also look so forward to meeting new ones. Excited !!!!!!!!!!! Proud this camp has grown the way it has!

Explain your thoughts about the XX Camp 2016, expectations?
I really want to help the girls progress in their snowmobiling but make sure they are having fun while doing it. I expect to see familiar faces and see how they have grown after I left last season as well as the new girls and this makes me happy !

What sled do you have this season?
2016 Ski-Doo T3 800 163 3 inch.

How do you like it?
I ️absolutely 100% LOVE this sled!


Can you tell us a little bit about your thoughts when it comes to safety and sledding?
Safety is MY number one concern when sledding. You are against so many elements as it is being outside but also YOU. Being ️safe is key whether that’s in avalanche terrain or general trail riding . Being prepared is KEY !

What else are you busy with this season?
So many camps and clinics in Canada and United States! As well as helping design for Divas SnowGear and looking after our Pro Riders and Ambassadors! That’s a full time job in itself haha! Im typing this on a plane heading to Michigan in the US to coach another clinic so it’s been hectic but I am on the snow almost 7 days a week and feeling blessed!

What are you looking forward to teach the girls on XX Freeride Camp 2016?
More technical riding and overall control of their snowmobile. Throttle control is key of course, but also moving them out of their “comfort zone” is very valuable and something that definitely will be happening.

There are a lot of girl clinics avaliable right now, why, in your opinion, should girls choose XX Freeriders event?
The XX Freeriders Camp is so much more then a camp ! It’s a movement and a lifestyle and a forever kind of event. From the moment you get to the lodge until the moment you leave and even then after you know you took part in something BIG. We all want the ladies to feel comfortable and like they have met new friends who share the same passion.

Last year the snow conditions was bad, but we managed to make it great anyway, what’s your thought about that?
You know, I thought we had a blast year and made due with what we had ! Of course I am hoping for way more snow this season and great conditions there ! I was proud of the girls for pushing through the conditions and still trying their hardest which shows a lot of determination.

What are you looking forward to most during week 7 in Sweden?
I’m looking forward to the people. I have to say the people I meet in SWEDEN are very humble and down to earth. I of course look forward to sledding in some amazing snow and watching the girls have a blast and progress. I love SWEDEN and it feels like I am connected in the heart now.

See yo soon, In my heaven it snows <3
Stephanie Schwartz