“Snow-ready” – Steph about the upcoming season

Sled wrapping, getting winter essentials to nail the right outfit, make sure everything’s set for the first ride – we’re all snow-ready. But first – Christmas holiday – and therefore we want to send an extra thought across the sea to our lovely friend and the greatest XX-coach Stephanie Schwartz.

We got a quick chat with her, read below about her plans and ambitions for season 2015;


Welcome to Sweden again this year on the XX Freeride Camp! How does it feel?
I am SO excited to come back to Sweden and see girls from last year and meet the new ones. The XX Freeride Camp is my highlight of my season, not because it’s a trip to Sweden to snowmobile but because i absolutely love the people I have met and the new ones I will meet. It’s like going “home” and seeing family. I miss Sweden terribly when I leave. I seem to never have enough time there.

What was the best thing about the Camp last year? 
The people and how everyone made me feel so welcome. The level of riding the girls were at in Sweden was amazing. Such advanced riders and such HEART.

Explain your thoughts about the XX Camp 2015, expectations?
I want to get these girls so excited about snowmobiling and progression in the sport. To see the excitement of the girls makes my heart happy. There is such a difference with the girls attending camp, so willing to learn and excel. XX Camp is second to none and has blown my mind with the interest and excitement.

What sled do you have this season?
I have a 2015 Ski-Doo  Summit 800 T3 163

How do you like it? 
I absolutely love love love this sled. Its almost like cheating to ride it. Makes my days on the snowmobile so much more fun.

What else is coming up during this season?
I have several clinic/camps in Canada and USA this season as well as attending Dealer Rides  in which I travel to locations asked of me to ride with customers and guide them as well. Very busy season this year for me.

Are you going to coach other Camps as well?
Yes I am coaching at a lot of clinics this season. I have new ones in the USA and some in Canada as well as a lot of private clinics (one on one teaching) I could be busy every day during the season coaching if I chose.

Girls clinics have become a huge thing the latest years, could you give us a reason why? 
I think Girl’s clinic/camps have become so popular because of the amount of girls either starting to ride or advancing from trail riding to more technical riding. Girls have need for knowledge and want to learn so they seek out these clinics or camps to help in the process.


What are you looking forward to teach the girls on XX Freeride Camp 2015?
I am really looking forward to helping the girls gain confidence in their riding skills to excel themselves into another level of riding. I want them to have fun and laugh and learn. Confidence is the biggest benefit of these camps that I could possibly give these ladies. If I can instill this and have these girls be excited to go out and ride and practice then I have done my “job” and that is what matters the most to me.   

You know that there will be 30 participants in each Camp, is that possible to handle? 
I am excited for this. Yes its a challenge to make sure all girls get enough one on one time with me but I always make it work. I wish we at XX Freeride Camp could have MORE girls at camp but we have to have a smaller number to ensure proper coach to rider time. 

What’s the best thing about sledding, do you think? 
The freedom, the fresh air, the challenge and FUN that sledding gives me is why I do it and intend to for a very long time. Nothing frees my soul more then being on my sled with amazing friends having a great day!

Something else you want to tell the girls before the camp? 
Relax girls and DO NOT worry about the language difference. Take a deep breath and be ready to have an awesome time on and off snow. Sledding is fun and you have to have time on your sled. The more time and practice the better one becomes. I want all the girls attending to leave Camp with new skills and memories as well as a thirst for this sport. And of course I want lots and lots of laughs and smiles.


Hugs Steph,
In my heaven it snows! <3