Going all in this season – Caroline speaks up’

Hi ladies,

A year has passed and XX Freeride Camp has continued to brighten my days. Besides all the wonderful people we got the opportunity to meet I also had the chance for the first time to visit Riksgränsen. Sweden is incredibly, I’m getting more and more impressed every time I take a look at the pictures (thanks for that opportunity Joakim Kostet that repeatedly set up as a photographer). When the grass began to peek out at home, Riksgränsen offered us powder and sun at the same time!


And the days in Saxnäs was even better than we dared to guess, all participants were incredibly talented and helpful and XX Freeride Camp is for sure a memory for life. Without all you girls, it would never have been the same successes. And all of the guides and staff at Marsfjäll Mountain Lodge that constantly was helping us and spreading joy – thanks!

This was planned to be a presentation of news for the season and what my expectation are but I felt it was important to give a big thanks to everyone who made last year to the best so far, but we will try to beat it this year, right!?! =)

I have high expectations for the season, and I hope to develop my driving skills and not be afraid about getting stuck or even crashing, I believe that is the fastest way to learn new things. So I just want to go out there and do my thing and hopefully after this season I will be on a higher level than I am right now! =) I might not be the best in my group of riding buddies (since my friends are pretty awesome) but they have all learned it the same way that I’m now trying. So I will do exactly what I want because I want it myself!

Except training to be a better rider I also hope to meet and get a chance to ride together with all of you girls!

Last year I was driving a Lynx Boondocker 3700 that I liked a lot and we got along very well, as always I will miss it! But I’m always ready to try something new so this year I will be driving a Ski-Doo Summit T3 163″. I will be spending my weekends in Hemavan and Saxnäs and my plan is to get as much time on my sled as possible.

Last year I said that “I have never been more excited for snow than I am this upcoming season!” but, I guess that was bullshit since this year I am checking the snowmap over Sweden every day and trying to find the place with the most snow right now!


My sled is wrapped and ready to go out riding so If you see me out on the mountain please give me a shootout, I am certainly looking forward to meet you!

Once again thank you for following us and our updates for XX Freeride Camp!

Hope to see you on the snow this winter! =)

Stay tuned!


I would also like to give a big thanks to our amazing sponsors who help us make this possible:

BRP Sweden
SCS Unlimited
RUCO (HMK & Klim)
Lindblads Motor (Ski-doo dealership)
Octane Jane Store
(My wonderful family who puts up with my sled chatter 365 days a year!)