Erika Lindblad

Hello ladies.

Let’s speak a little about me and what I love about sledding.

My family is running a Ski-doo dealership, ‘Lindblads Motor’, in Vilhelmina, Sweden established since 1967. It means that I am grown up on BRP products and the snowmobile industry have always been a natural part of my day-to-day life. That is why I always have been passionate about snowmobiling.

Still, my interest in freeriding really took off after participating in the Women’s International Freeride Tour last season, which truly was an experience. Overall, last season was great. I spent more time sledding than usual. In the area where I am riding, we also had an amazing winter with lots of deep snow. I mostly rides in Saxnäs and Riksgränsen, but love to go riding in other areas as well.

When I think of how far we have come with boosting female riders both locally and internationally, it makes me so thrilled. I put a smile on my face every time I see another girl out sledding since it was not that common a couple of years ago. Honestly, when we came up with the idea to kick off XX Freeride Camp I could never imagined how successful it would turn out to be.

But for sure, it can never go wrong with the most amazing Crew and all the lovely girls attending the XX Camp. I am so proud.

Something that I have learned and taking with me is that snowmobiling is as much about technique as it is about strength. How do you improve all of that? By working on it. It is most definitely a challenge but great achievements comes from practice.

I am confident with (and love) my Ski-doo Summit X 154” – we are teaming up well.

What else is going on? Right now, working as a Project Manager for the Urban Transformation project with the big mining company LKAB (i.e. with marketing/communication) located in Kiruna. Challenging, fun and rewarding.

Once again, so proud and happy for what the idea of XX Freeriders has brought, when it is over – I can’t wait for next XX happening.

The highlights for me is to go sledding together with other people that share the same interest and spending time with both new and existing sled buddies – during winter all the friends out in the snow becomes family.

See you around
–       Erika Lindblad

Photos: Joakim Kostet, Emelie Ekström