XX Spring Ride 2017

Thank you for a great winter all of you that we got the pleasure and joy to ride with! As usual, we end our season in Riksgränsen with XX Spring Ride.

Riksgränsen offered magical weather, good atmosphere and perfect snowconditions!

Hope to see you again next winter!

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Rolig läsning!

Efter Skoterns dag publicerade Västerbottens Kuriren ett reportage där det bland annat stod om att allt fler kvinnor köper en ny skoter!

Sånt gillar vi att läsa om!


Hoppas trenden håller i sig så vi fortsätter att bli fler och fler! Vi håller tummarna att vi hinner träffa och får chansen att köra skoter med er alla i vinter! =)



XX Spring Ride – Riksgränsen!

XX Freeriders went to Riksgränsen to have the final ride for the season – and what we discovered blew us away, literally. What an amazing place! XX Spring Ride became a great success. Lots of love to all you girls that participated, to the guides, Johan, Staffan and Rasmus and to the photographer Joakim Kostet – you all made the trip epic!

Big thanks to BRP, Lindblads Motor, Motorbolaget, B. Lundströms Maskinaffär AB and Ruco Nordic who helped us make this trip possible!

We are already looking forward to the next opportunity to get together!

(See more pics in our album,

// Caroline, Erika