Ready for a new season – With Carro Ohlsson



Another year has passed and XX Freeriders has continued to brighten my days. I have high expectations for the season and I hope to develop my driving skills, all of what I did wrong last year, I will try to make it right this time.

This will be my third year in the backcountry. All of this started after participating in the Women’s International Freeride Tour 2013. I am fortunate to work with snowmobiles at BRP Sweden, which means that the BRP playground is a natural part of my day-to-day work.

I am riding a Summit T3 163″ 800 E-TEC 2016 and for being such a long sled it is incredibly smooth and easy to handle. It has given me the courage to try new things and drive on slopes, even steep slopes where I previously stood beside and watched while the others were having all the fun. Today, I very rarely stand beside and look, although it is fun to look at, it’s even more fun to drive.



Ski-Doos Revy One-Piece Suit keeps me dry and comfortable, It gives me a feeling of movability and at the same time it keeps me safe from getting snow between jacket and pants. I also like the Mcode Ladies jacket that is a 3-in-1 jacket. I usually wear it as a shell but always keep the insulated linner in my backpack if it gets colder and I often use it on the way home after a long day in the snow. I like to ride in shell so I can easily choose the layers underneath depending on the weather.


I have three favorite locations in Sweden, Hemavan and Saxnäs where there are wonderful freeriding possibilities and during jan-mars they usually offers a lot of untouched powder areas. At spring time nothing that I have experienced yet beats Riksgränsen, long days where you can go out riding in the evenings, still in bright light, that feeling is magical!

Together with Erika I share a passion to increase the interest for sledding among female riders, something that we can see more and more of. Right now we are planning the XX Freeride Camp 2016 that we are arranging in Saxnäs for the third year this winter. There we will get 4 days on sleds together with 60 other girls, which we are really looking forward too!



Freeriding for me is amazing, year after year, day after day it keeps getting better and better. Days when I get to be out riding with friends, having fun in the powder, that is moments that I will cherish forever!  As Erika says ” during winter all the friends out in the snow becomes family” and that is really how I feel, I am lucky to have such a big and wonderful family! =)

Thank you for following us and our updates for XX Freeride Camp!

Hope to see you on the snow this winter! =)


Big thanks to our amazing sponsors who help us make this possible:

BRP Sweden

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All the guides, photographers and staff working to make XX Freeride Camp epic.
My wonderful family who puts up with my sled chatter 365 days a year!



Hit the white room in style – Erika’s insights about the season

Hello ladies,

We’re in the middle of the season and the countdown has begun…XX Freeride Camp 2015 is just around the corner and I cannot describe how excited I am.

Thinking about how far we’ve come with boosting female riders both locally and international makes me feel so thrilled. I put a smile on my face every time I see another girl out sledding since it was not that common a couple of years ago. Honestly, when we came up with the idea to kick off XX Freeride Camp I could never imagined how successful it would turn out to be.


But for sure, it can never go wrong with the most amazing Crew and all the lovely girls attending the XX Camp. I feel so proud of all of you.

That moment you’ll laugh so hard it hurts out in the backcountry…I know sledding is the “it” thing, love it!

Something that I’ve learned and taking with me this season is that it’s about technique more than strength or how much you weigh. How do you improve that? By working on it. It is most definitely a challenge but great achievements comes from practice.

I try to always set a small goal for myself.  For example, I know I doing better sidehilling to my left more than my right, so sometimes I decide to only sidehill to my right during one day. I think it’s important to work on improvements but still have fun while out riding.


I’m confident my Ski-doo Summit X 154” is going to take me through deep pow and exhilarating mountain places this season. We’re teaming up well.

Besides putting on the most stylish SCS Unlimited custom wrap, I don’t have to do anything to make this sled look great!

The colors fits my style and I really love the overall look of the sled together with my HMK onepiece. Nothing make me more motivated that hit the white room stylish.


With less than one week to XX Freeride Camp I cannot explain how much I looking forward to seeing all my riding buddies that I haven’t seen since last season – and, meet up with new sled chic’s. So blessed.

The highlights for me this season will be (besides XX Camp) riding, filming and exploring new places in Sweden and spending time with both new and existing sled buddies!

Now – let’s accomplish our aim to arrange Sweden’s coolest girl camp – we want the attendants to leave with a huge smile on their faces, then we have succeeded. See you next week girls!


Sending a BIG thank you to our sponsors who help us make this possible:

Lindblads Motor (Ski-doo dealership owned by my dad – without you this would NOT be possible!! Lot’s of love)
BRP Sweden
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Octane Jane Store

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