Sledtrax visits Nadine in Revelstoke!

Take the opportunity to read about the girl from Alberta, Nadine Overwater, who 10 years ago moved to Revelstoke to live her dream.  We are pleased to welcome her to Sweden, where she next week will instruct during our XX Freeride Camp. She has worked hard for over ten years to be where she is today and we are happy to take part of her skills during the XX Freeride Camp.

Read more about Nadine here:

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Season 2017 has started!



Finally we are up and runnig again, season 2017 is happening now!

Later start than usual for us but we are working on catching up, so right now we spend all the weekends we can  in the mountains getting more and more excited for XX Freeride Camp 2017.

We hope that all of you also get to spend your free days in fine environments doing what we all love – snowmobiling.



”I always want to see more ladies in the backcountry” – Stephanie about XX Camp 2017


What is your thoughts about the XX Camp 2017?
Ohhh am I pumped up for this year’s XX Camp 2017. I KNOW this will be the best camp yet and that is our goal, every year to make it better and more exciting, 2017 Camp will not disappoint!

This year you will bring two additional coaches, what is your comment about that?
These two rad ladies I am bringing with me to Sweden are incredible coaches, riders, friends and have an energy level and love for snowmobiling that never ends. I am beyond excited to see what we all bring to Camp together.

Have the three of you worked together earlier?
Yes, Nadine and I have coached together before and it’s a very GOOD combination. Shelley and I have ridden together before and she is one energized rider and exceptional coach. These girls are so well known and loved in Canada and North America, they are by far my two top female riders ever.

XX Freeride Camp is more popular than ever, how come?
So many girls are getting into the sport of snowmobiling and want to progress and get better. Girls love to come together and push themselves. I think Erika, Caroline and myself along with everyone else that helps in a huge way put out a camp that is second to no one and we strive every year to make it better for the riders. We have every detail looked after and offer a world class camp. We are real girls who love snowmobiling and love to help other girls who want to gain more knowledge.

What sled do you have this season?
2017 Ski-Doo Gen4 850 165, whooo hoooo!

What is your thoughts about the new Summit 850?
I am in love with this sled. Every year these sleds begin to feel more and more like moto (bikes) and this Gen4 is insane.

Why is it so important to encourage women in sledding?
I always want to see more ladies in the backcountry. I want to be available to help any of those ladies that want to learn and get out of their comfort zone. Ladies learn differently than men. It’s encouraging to girls to see other girls in the industry and riding well and pushing themselves. It’s also important to let girls know that the actual RIDING is the most important part. Not the pictures or instant gratification of likes on Instagram or Facebook. I want girls to ride because they love it and that’s it, not for what they can get out of it in regards to popularity. Become an amazing rider and love what you do, it’s snowmobiling and it’s supposed to be all about fun. There is no gender barrier anymore in my opinion, but there are still lots of women who think they can’t do things on sleds like the guys can, yes we absolutely can. I get so excited when any rider is having a great day on the snow but an even BETTER day when I see it’s another girl. My heart is happy and full.


It is many girl clinics available right now, why, in your opinion, should girls choose XX Freeriders event?
Like I have always said, XX Freeriders always puts out a world class Camp or Event. Erika and Caroline have worked very hard to grow XX Freeriders. We make sure everyone is looked after, learning and comfortable and having a blast! Our support staff on and off snow is second to no one. The amount of coaches and assistant coaches is the highest you will see in a camp. The details such as meals, rooms, lunches on the mountain, after riding fun are amazing BUT the actual CAMP and on snow is world class. We want everyone to learn as much as possible and create amazing friends along the way. That’s why we have such a huge return rate of guests.

Can you tell us a little bit about the DSG clinics that is a big part of your season?
Yes, for the past 3 years I have been putting on camps in the U.S.A as well as Canada for DSG (Divas SnowGear) an all women outerwear/clothing company for women who snowmobile. We have 4 clinics preseason and enjoy getting women off the trail and into the backcountry at all skill levels. Amazing times and amazing girls having a blast learning skills. I have my own clinics and camps as well that keep me busy the rest of the season, Mountain Labs & Camps.

What is your best memory from the past XX Camps?
Oh, this is a hard question because there have been SO many great memories. The riding of course, the smiles on the girls faces when they learn something they have wanted to. After camp dinners and getting to know the girls who come to camp and the friendships that have followed now for the last four years. I cannot forget these two girls, ERIKA and CAROLINE and how they have become my family and brought me into theirs. It was a life changing experience for me the first year of XX Freeride Camp and I couldn’t be more proud of what we have created!


What are you most looking forward to in this year’s XX Camp?
Seeing everyone, meeting the new girls coming to camp, the addition of Nadine and Shelley and what they bring to Camp. The whole event is so exciting!!

What would you say to all the girls that did not have a ticket for this year?
This breaks my heart because I want everyone to get a ticket but it isn’t possible. We want you all to try again and don’t give up. We have no intentions of ending this camp and it will be around for years. We will also do our part to figure out if we can allow more in coming years. Thank you for the interest and overwhelming booking times….we are blessed to have so many girls want to spend time at XX Freeriders Camp.

See yo soon, In my heaven it snows <3
Stephanie Schwartz

XX Pre-stoke from Nadine and Shelley


Here’s a greeting from Shelley and Nadine to all you girls who will participate in the XX Freeride Camp. They are soo soo stoked to travel overseas and coach togheter with Stephanie this time! #XXFreerideCamp2017 is going to be awesome!!

Check it out here:



Biljettsläpp för Camp 2 – 09.00!

Det närmar sig! ? Biljetterna till Camp 2 släpps idag kl. 09.00! ?❄️  Peppen är total ?!!

Länk till anmälan finns här på vår hemsida under fliken Event ? XX Freeride Camp 2017.

OBS! Det går bara att anmäla en i taget, så är ni två eller fler som vill ha en plats måste alla sitta redo att boka, platserna brukar ryka snabbt! ?


Save the date – XX Freeride Camp 2017!

❄️Save the date❄️

Week 7, as usuall, we’re kicking off XX Freeride Camp 2017 ?? Be prepared to have the time of your life! ?? The most exciting part is that we have big news for you this time ?

You just can’t miss this ?

Stay tuned! 20022016-img_7692


XX Spring Ride 2016

As usual, XX Freeriders wanted to make the most out of the season as possible, therefore we decided to celebrate the last Spring Ride for the season in Riksgränsen, in the very most northern part of Sweden. As always with these girls, we had such a good time. Everybody swas stoked on the weekend, all drove up to the mountains with big excitements. We were so lucky – lots of snow, nice wether and the best company possible!

Spring Ride at it’s best!

After that the season is officially over for us. We want to thank everyone who participated, supported and helped us during the season.

We want to give a special thanks to:

Lindblads Motor i Vilhelmina
Folkes Bil
Terrängmaskiner i Sundsvall
B. Lundströms Maskinaffär i Kiruna
Ruco Sweden AB

Look at the pics from XX Spring Ride 2016xxspringride-8040


Time to shine – Erika’s thoughts about season 2016

Hi everyone,

We’re in the middle of the season and the countdown has begun…XX Freeride Camp 2016 is just around the corner and I cannot describe how excited I am. It is the third time…can you believe that and that the interest for XX camp is bigger than ever before. Crazy good!


I am so impressed by all the girls who has developed their skills in the last three years, and by all beginners who slowly but surely dare to challenge themselves more and more. Yippie!

It feels like XX Freeriders has achieved a lot of what our aim was in the beginning – increase the interest among female riders. I have not seen such a great commitment to sledding before, today all you girls invite everybody to join and support each other to become better riders. I am proud of that.

However, it also means that we need to step it up, become even better and more innovative to keep the XX spirit going. And we will, for sure. This winter we do not only arrange the XX Freeride Camp, we also have XX Girls Weekend, XX <3 Pink ribbon and XX Spring Ride.


As last year I am driving a Ski-doo Summit X 154, but now with the T3 package . Exciting! Also, I have some new prints and pattern to fall in love with in my SCS Unlimited custom wrap. Shine bright like a diamond is my theme for this winter. Do not forget you inner bling girls!

Talking about inner bling, this season I am going to focus on having fun, and I want to remind everyone to enjoy the time on your sled. It is not about who is the best sledder, never gets stuck or have the most sponsors. It is about spending time with friends, collect energy from doing what you love and constantly develop your skills at your own pace.


That is what XX Freeriders is all about, having fun together completely unpretentious. Come as you are, leave more confident and with some new skills – and do not forget that big smile!

Once again, I need to give a big shout out to the most amazing XX Crew and all the lovely girls attending the XX Camp. You are incredible and I cannot wait until we all meet in Saxnäs in less than two weeks.

See you soon!


Sending a BIG thank you to our sponsors who help us make this possible:

Lindblads Motor (Ski-doo dealership owned by my dad – without you this would NOT be possible!! Lot’s of love)
BRP Sweden

SCS Unlimited
RUCO (HMK & Klim) 
Octane Jane Store

Folkes Bil

Thank you for following XX Freerides!