Caroline Ohlsson


My name is Caroline and I have been riding snowmobile for many years now, for a long time you could only find me on a short sled going fast on trails but the last two-three years I have become aware of how incredibly fun it is to be riding off trails! My interest in freeriding really took off after participating in the Women’s International Freeride Tour 2013. There I meet the girls that now days are my closest friends.

My father has always been interested in machines and engines, so I am lucky that I have had the chance to try it out. I have competed in both endurance race and vintage snowmobile racing. But that cannot compare to the freedom of sledding in the backcountry, which is a real adventure.

I am fortunate to work with snowmobiles at BRP Sweden, which means that the BRP playground is a natural part of my day-to-day work. Besides that, I am also running an online store – Octane Jane Store – which is a webshop for all sporty street girls out there! It’s build for girls by girls. I am proud of the brands we sell such as CLWR, Nikita, Femi Pleasure, FOX, Eivy and Neff. Check it out at

I can’t say what was my best memory from last season because there are too many, I spent so many weekends in the mountain that I lost count. I really got the chance to develop my snowmobiling, experience awesome days and the best part; meet many new friends. As Erika says ” during winter all the friends out in the snow becomes family” and that is really how I feel, I am lucky to have such a big and wonderful family! =)

When Erika and I started planning XX Freeride Camp for the first time we had no idea of how many girls there was out there that shares our interest. After these two years we are still being amazed after seeing all girls that attend our camp. And I am forever thankful for all the help we have gotten on the way and the crew that year after year keep coming to help us and giving everything during XX Freeride Camp!

My plan for the upcoming season is to spend as much time as possible on my sled in the mountains around Hemavan. My dream is still to someday go riding in BC, Canada. But until I got that chance, there is a lot to learn and I hope that I will be one step closer after this winter.

Until the season starts there is a lot of ”PreSeason Prep” to be done, right now we are planning the XX Freeride Camp 2016 and some more events that we hope to pull off during the season! =)

Once again, I truly had the best time ever last season and to all of you that I meet – Thanks for all moments, I cherish them. And to all of you that I did not get a chance to meet, I hope to see you in the snow this winter! =)

See you out in the backcountry.

– Caroline Ohlsson

Caroline Ohlsson