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XX Goes Canada 2018 – Fully booked!

Today we can tell you that XX goes Canada is fully booked 🇨🇦👏 We are so excited over the fact that this is actually happening ! Thanks a lot to Stephanie and our contributing parters CKMP – Carl Kuster mountain park,  Gacier house resort and Great Canadian Tours for making this possible!

XX Convention + Jetgirlz

XX News! Är du sugen på att köra led istället för friåkning? ❄️Perfekt – då har vi något för dig i år på XX Convention 🙌🎀 kommer vara på plats och köra dagsturer till nya utflyktsmål varje dag👏 Wihoo! Ibland kan farten efter led vara den bästa adrenalinkicken 😉✌️ Det här blir bara bättre och bättre!!  All information […]

XX Convention + Ella Snäll

XX News! Professional freestyle rider and Ski-doo ambassador Ella Snäll will attend XX Convention as coach for those of you who are interested in freestyle and want to try backcountry jumps 🙌 We are sooooo excited and hopes that you are too!! ✌️💃  Come and get inspiered!

XX Goes Canada 2018 – Join us!

XX Goes Canada 2018 – Join us! Vi åker till Kanada och DU har chans att följa med! Gör ditt livs resa tillsammans med XX Freeriders och ett gäng härliga tjejer! Upplev det bästa av både Revelstoke & Sicamouse i British Columbia, Kanada. När? Den 22 februari – 1 mars Vart? Revelstoke & Sicamouse, British Columbia, Kanada […]

XX Freeride Convention 2018 – välkommen till en helg fylld av glädje, gemenskap och girlpower!

Välkommen till en XX-helg du sent kommer att glömma! Här finns något för alla och i år fördubblar vi antalet deltagare under ett och samma event. Låt oss presentera XX Freeride Convention 2018 – nordens största event för skoterintresserade tjejer. I år erbjuder vi något för alla! Långa eller korta maskiner, stor körvana eller nybörjare […]

Who run the world – girls! 🙌

Let’s introduce 💥XX FREERIDE CONVENTION 2018 💥 The biggest girl-get-togheter-on-sleds you’ve ever seen 🙅🙅 This year we’re hosting ONE extraordinary camp with LOT’s of news coming up such as : ✔️ More spots avaliable ✔️Choose between go sledding with coaches or on your own with friends ✔️ New and familiar coaches ✔️ Inspiring lectures ✔️ Photo sessions ✔️ New partners ✔️ Dinners ✔️ XX party […]

XX Spring Ride 2017

Thank you for a great winter all of you that we got the pleasure and joy to ride with! As usual, we end our season in Riksgränsen with XX Spring Ride. Riksgränsen offered magical weather, good atmosphere and perfect snowconditions! Hope to see you again next winter!  

XX Goes Canada

XX Freeriders Caroline and Erika made a dream come true visiting Revelstoke and Sicamouse in BC Canada. As Erika said, ” I have been powcarving in heaven”. This is a trip we wish we could do every year, truly an amazing place and we had the weather, snowconditions and lovely guides with us! We hope […]

XX Freeride Camp 2017 is over!

It is sad that XX Freeride Camp 2017 is over but it has been an epic week. We are so happy to get the chance to meet and share our interest with so many wonderful people. We hope you all had an amazing time and that we will see you att XX Freeride Camp newt […]